To achieve a simple classic marble luxury styled bathroom but still obtaining a feeling of warmth. Agatha would be an excellent choice. Available in a ceramic wall 290X90 and a matching polished porcelain floor tile 60X60 with an Italian styled marble wave feature that incorporate both wall tile colours.

The marble wave can be both used as a feature wall behind or in a shower enclosure. It’s multi layered glossy surface creates a soft tactile texture. Each edge of the wave seamlessly flows into the next.

Using glossy porcelain to achieve the grandeur of marble has never before been in so much demand. With the Agatha 60X60 a Kitchen or hallway floor can be transformed. The benefits of choosing Agatha are: it does not require any special cleaning chemicals and does not even require sealing. It’s polished surface is impervious and tough. Thin grout lines are recommended to enhance this luxury look.


Sizes: Wall 290X90, Floor 60X60

Thickness: Wall 12mm, Floor 11mm

Country of Origin: Designed and manufactured in Italy

Finish: Polished

Material: Wall Ceramic, Floor Porcelain

Style: Luxury Polished


The Agatha Marble is available in both a wall and floor tile.

Perfect tile for any room whether it be a bathroom, kitchen, hallway, bedroom or living room.

Suitable for commercial or residential use.


We advise a Sandstone grout with our Agatha Marble Tile but as always, the choice is up to you.

Sandstone Grout Cumbria


Please check stock availability before placing any orders by visiting our showroom or giving us a call.