Industrial Interiors

Industrial trend is all about exposing raw building materials that would normally be covered up, and proudly displaying the natural beauty of function and form. This revelation in interior design originates from New York City, where a collection of factory and warehouse conversions in the late 1960s left many unfinished spaces, creating the warehouse apartment. Unfinished bricks, worn concrete, complemented by time distressed wood indicate the gold mark of industrial design.

Unlike other major cities of the world such as Paris which was built using local quarried Lutetian Limestone, New York City had to bring their raw materials in from all over America to build their architecture. Different stones and timbers were shipped in by rail or floated down the Hudson River. Using such a wide source of material gives the city its eclectic variety of textures and hues.

At Smart Tiles we have introduced a stunning range of these inspiring tiles and created a trend that moves away from ‘beiges’ and ‘greys’ while instead focusing on the striking combinations of materials that construct an ambience that tells a very definite story: a story of how simplistic building components changed the industrial age from then to the present day.

Author: Smart Tiles